MARLYFOX, (Marloes Sloot), is a DJ with a passion for energy.
Setting the tone through music and connecting with different
crowds is exactly what made her excited to perform.
Music has always been a very important lead in her life. She
was at the age of 7 when she started playing the piano. Till the
age of 22 she had done intense piano training and played
classical and jazz music. She even composed her own piano
music and she fell in love with the variety of energy music
creates. As it was time to learn something new, she chose to go
down the DJ road so that she could compose and mix live with
electronic music.
She got her first booking at the age of 23 and she has done a
lot of bookings since. From private and public events to
weddings and performing on tv.
At the age of 26 she wanted to expand and share her vision of
what makes music and performing so intriguing. The only
natural way was to start her own agency, M AGENCY as it is
called. As of today, she has managed over 200 bookings so far
in two years time and she has opened her own official office in
june 2018 in Breda, the Netherlands.
With her classical music background and her interest in
different music styles, she connects with different genres as a
DJ, but her through love lies in house with a nostalgic edge
and that is what she loves to play most.
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