Raphael Preserva, born and raised in Breda (The Netherlands) , has been playing in front of excited audiences since 1992. In the beginning mainly in the pop / rock scene, but gradually his interests have grown in the direction of House music.

The last couple of years his musical taste has developed and he plays house music in a wide range of styles.

In his younger years Raphael Preserva has always been creative with music. From experimenting with and the cutting and pasting of tapes, to making small tunes with sampling-keyboards… the craziest experiments came out of that… Raphael Preserva has always been interested in the little details of music, without forgetting about the bigger picture. Raised with a wide musical taste he started deejaying in nachtcafé De Graanbeurs in his birthplace. There he played mainly rock music, hip hop and top 40. He knew exactly how to move the crowd. Many artists were inspiring… James Brown, the Doors, De La Soul, Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson, Beastie Boys and Public Enemy were some of the big dominating names back then, but when more and more electronic music was introduced, like Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, the Prodigy and Aphrodite, the feeling for electronic music started to grow. The fact that DJ Tiësto (not yet famous) was deejaying in the room next-door, has strengthened that feeling even more. After that time years of development followed and with that Raphael Preserva was playing as resident DJ in several clubs in Holland. Raphael Preserva’s broad taste and big music collection makes him a DJ who, in one DJ set, can create a journey from Top 40 to 70’s and 80’s disco classics, from Progressive House to Latin House, from Funky House to Eclectic and Electro House and from Minimal to Tech house. As long as it feels (and sounds) good.