Brothers in the Booth

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During the last 10 years these twin brothers have been visiting clubs around the world with their camera’s for 50 weekends a year. With a general amount of 3 clubs/parties in one weekend they generated massive reports by means of explicit pictures on their website LINK2PARTY. The result of this is an amazing knowledge of what partying is all about. Next to this Ibiza is one of their big loves and also Miami has a special place in their hearts. And as they have been the ‘Eyes of the dancescene’ for years, they felt it was time to suprise everybody with something for the ears! 😉 Carrying a bag with such a lot of worthy party-information made them, 3 years ago, decide to bring their bodies behind the wheels and find out if they could translate the amazing club experience into a sound that makes the crowd rock! And the result is amazing so far! Clubs, organisations as well as colleague artists are rather positive about their unique initiative! Brothers in the Booth have been doing more than 100 gigs during the last 12 months and are looking for much more in the near future. During the last year they have been spending hours in the studio and they are finishing their 5th production at this very moment. Below you can check the video they made for their second production called TIGERRIDE: https://vimeo.com/35493439 So we have just one advise: Keep on satisfying yourselves and your needs for good music by listening to their productions and of course their live sets which are filled with the best international bangers and pumping techhouse tracks. Are you ready for more ‘Brothers in the Booth’? Because they so f*cking are!! The Brothers in the Booth hope to see you soon dancing in front of one of their booths!